Lost Pets – Animal Control Complaints

Ambridge Borough has partnered with the Beaver County Humane Society to offer Animal Control Services within the community.   The Humane Society will handle issues regarding domestic animals (cats and dogs) through the Ambridge Police Department.  If you happen to have lost your pet or if you see a dog running at large within Ambridge, please call the Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number at 724-266-3270 to report the dog to Animal Control.   The Humane Society will patrol Ambridge during their business hours, and domestic animals caught during the off hours will be held or transported by the Police Department to the Humane Society’s kennel.    The Humane Society will also accept any owned animal brought to their Shelter.

Complaints regarding wildlife such as raccoons, bats, groundhogs, rodents, etc., on private property are the responsibility of the property owner to mitigate.  There are a number of independent companies that perform this work for a nominal fee including Critter Control:  local office contact is 724-775-5444.

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