Borough Departments

Administration Department

The Administration Department is here to serve you.  Our duties are mainly related to overall Borough administration, so if you are unsure which department or individual to contact for assistance, the Administration Department is the place to turn.

Borough of Ambridge
Ambridge Municipal Complex
600 11th Street
Ambridge, PA 15003

(724) 266-4070

Code Enforcement Department

The Code Enforcement Department handles all issues dealing with Code Violations and Health Inspections.  The Code Enforcement Department handles the following licensing and common complaints:

  • Zoning Permits
  • High Grass/ Weeds
  • Garbage / Trash
  • International Property Maintenance Code
  • Public Health Issues – See Health Dept.
  • Building Permits
  • Demolitions

For more information or to file a complaint contact the Code Enforcement Staff.


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