Residential & Non-Residential Trash and Recycling


In compliance with Pennsylvania Act 101 recycling and refuse collection in Ambridge is mandatory for both residential and commercial properties.  The designated material are to be recycled by places of business or other non-residential establishments:

  • High grade office paper
  • Aluminum food and beverage containers
  • Corrugated paper (cardboard)
  • Leaf and/or yard debris

Businesses are encouraged to recycle clear, brown and green glass food and beverage containers, Steel and bi-metal food and beverage containers, Newspapers and magazines, and PET (1) and HDPE (2) plastics.

Please advise the Borough Office of your contracted refuse hauler for these recycled items so that we may obtain annual reports of the refuse and recycling success.  Their reported wights are to be complied annually byt the Borough as part of our obligation to file reports with both the County and State.  In addition, the Borough can report these weights on an annual recycling performance grant application. 



(See the flyer below for more information)



Service is provided weekly and is collected on Mondays only in Ambridge depending on what street you live on.  



  • Freon from refrigerators, dehumidifiers, freezers, etc., needs to be removed and proof of removal taped to the item.
  • Paint cans – must be dried out (kitty litter works well) – place next to garbage cans with lids off.  
  • Carpeting and carpet padding must be cut into manageable sections (2-3 ft. wide) and rolled up- can be taped to hold it from unrolling.
  • No tires, automobile parts or building materials accepted.
  • No leaves, bushes or tree branches….  Borough Public Works pick these items up but you MUST call the Borough Admin Office to schedule a pick up.  Public Work  will collect leaves in the fall, and Christmas Trees between Christmas and February 1st.  (See more information below in the Residential Yard Waste Section)
  • Cans or bags should weigh up to 40 to 50 lbs.  If you can’t lift it, we can’t either.  



Please Call Waste Management at   1-800-866-4460   or email at



Residential Recycle Preparation Guidelines

Recycling Bins:  You should have received your large green container in December of 2018.  If you did not receive your container you can call the Borough office 724-266-4070. We’ll check with the Public Works Dept  to see if  we have any for you.  We suggest you mark you container with your address with permanent marker or stick on numbers. 

  • Tin – Metal – Aluminum – rinsed out and emptied of contents.  No chemical or paint cans.  Clean pie plates, foil, etc.
  • Plastic- # 1 and # 2 (PET& HDPE) rinsed out and empty of contents.  Lids must be removed.
  • Newspaper Office Paper and Magazines – Loose or placed in paper bags only. 
  • Do not put in plastic bags of any kind.  Do not bundle with twine or tape.  
  • Glass shatters and mixes in with other recyclables during the single stream sorting process. Due to increased levels of contamination in other bundles of materials – WASTE MANAGEMENT is no longer accepting lass in the recycling process. 
  • Recyclable glass can be dropped of at the Harmony Twp. Fire Station Glass Recycling Bin or Chestnut Street Recycling in Edgeworth…. and of course the Beaver County Recycling Center across from Brady’s Run Park.

We support recycling, but we firmly believe in the reduction of creating garbage and other waste products.  When possible, please think about what you are buying.  Do you really need this item?  If possible, avoid purchasing bulky items or products that are in huge amounts of wrapping.  


  • Pass magazines, books and catalogs on to neighbors, family members, nursing homes, etc.
  • Plastic containers can often be reused for storage of food and crafts.  
  • Reuse wrapping paper, plastic bags, and boxes.
  • Try to repair broken items before replacing them.  
  • Furniture can often be donated to charity if it’s in decent shape.  
  • Clothing can be handed down to family members or donated to charity.  Even clothing that is in poor condition can be used for rags.  
  • Towels and bedding can often be reused by the Humane Society.  
  • The Construction Junction located in Pittsburgh accepts used building materials like wood, kitchen cabinets, doors, etc.  They also sell these items at a low cost. or taken to Habit for Humanity ReStore
  • Beaver County Recycling Center at Brady’s Run takes many materials, and sponsors periodic hazardous waste collections. Fees may apply.
  • Waste Management has a consumer drop-off point at their 23rd and Duss facility.
  • Copy paper, junk mail and newsprint can be recycled in the Abitibi green and gold paper recycling bins at a number of locations around town, including here at the Ambridge Borough Building, 600 11th Street, behind the Fire Station. (proceeds benefit the Crime Watch Program)



Image result for bags of leaves clipartBe Green – Recycle your YARD WASTE too.  We collect and recycle leaves, brush, twigs, branches and weeds.  Bundle it or bag it and the Borough Public Works Department will pick it up and recycle it.  We have a wood chipper for those branches you need gone.  Call the Borough Office and schedule a pick up today.  We pick up year round – weather permitting.  See the printable flyer below for more information. 


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