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The United States is truly a multicultural, a melting pot of people if you will, and as such so is  the town of Ambridge  Pennsylvania. We have a vast variety of ethnic people and a wide variety of businesses to supply all of our people with services and goods for their particular needs.  Please take a moment to look through our list of businesses and services and think about which of these would fit your needs.

Here are businesses listed by category that are within the city limits of Ambridge.  If we inadvertently missed listing your business or made an error in the listing, please call our office to be added. We will be adding phone numbers for these businesses and services shortly – check back often for updates.   

Ambridge Business Directory

Welcome to the Borough of Ambridge!

If you are currently (or will be soon) a new resident of Ambridge, click on any of these links for more information about different things you may want to know about our town. Also you will find an informational CALENDAR that will let you know when things around town are happening, and you can get TEXT MESSAGE about events too (see below for more information).   You can also find us on FACEBOOK.

We want you to know that our community embraces new residents.   Our leaders want you to feel comfortable and safe in our Borough.  We will all do what we can to make that possible.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the administration office (724-266-4070) and they will try to answer all your questions or direct you to the person (s) who can.

Office hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

Thank you for choosing Ambridge! 

2021 Street Sweeping Information & Ticketing

 *2021 Street Sweeping (Calendar)

Click here for more information on TEXT MESSAGES: Receive a Text Message


*2021 Street Sweeping (Calendar) AND ticketing will begin on Monday, APRIL 5, 2021  Sweeping will take place Monday through Friday, every other week.  Please be sure to check the signs on your block to see which day the sweeping will take place on your street. PLEASE NOTE: Merchant Street is swept every day on street sweeping weeks!                                LAST DAY of SWEEPING  – FRIDAY OCT. 8th.

No second notice is sent and it’s a $25.00 fine if paid within 15 days. After 15 days the fine increases to $30.00 and will be sent to the Magistrate’s for collection after 30 days after ticket is written.  (which will add approx.  $75.00 in court costs)

Keep in mind, we sweep RAIN or SHINE. 

*From time to time – we will sweep un-scheduled streets as part of our town clean up.  NO TICKETS will be issued for these (and only these)  un-scheduled streets. 

New 2020 – All Parking and Street Sweeping tickets to be paid at the POLICE DEPT. between the hours of 9am and 2pm – Monday thru Friday. You can still drop them off in our Administration Drop Off Box after hours, however, no receipt will be issued.  We strongly suggest NOT TO MAIL CASH for your ticket. We have not control over the postal system and your ticket may turn into a citation if we do not receive your mailed in cash.  (Just an FYI – we do NOT take credit/debit cards when paying your tickets – checks, money orders, or cash only)


Where do I vote? May 18, 2021 Primary (click here)

Don’t just sit back and wait for someone else to give the political seat to someone you don’t agree with….get up and go and vote! 

Check the link – it will tell you where your particular polling place would be….. and if you still have questions, you can always call the Beaver County Election Bureau 724-770-4440.  

Thank you.


Receive a Text from Ambridge Borough

Sign up for TEXT MESSAGING about events in the Borough of Ambridge.  Any information you share will be held and used only by the Borough.   (Please only do this once – we do not text every month.)
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Msg & data rates may apply. To unsubscribe, text STOP to 313131 (393939 in Canada) . For help text HELP anytime. Available in USA & Canada. Up to 4 msg/mo. Your privacy is always protected and your information will not be shared. 
Please include your email. Should we have questions we can email you directly.  We do no sell or forward any email addresses. Thank you for your efforts. 
If you signed up previously, it is not necessary to sign up again.  We will not bombard you with text messages, just when something important happens in the Borough. 
If you signed up – you will receive ALL messages put out by the Borough.  Borough Events, Emergency Notifications, Road/Bridge Closures & Street Sweeping – start/stop dates & breakdown news.
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Click below for a direct link to a form to fill out to begin receiving important texts from the Borough of Ambridge. 

Ambridge currently has three parks available (and one more in planning stages) for your enjoyment. 

  • P.J. Caul Park is located at 11th and Merchant Streets.  It has a nice water feature and gazebo. During the summer months you may see concerts in the park, movies in the park and church services in the park, various events by the Ambridge Regional Chamber in the park.  Please check the Borough calendar for events.
  • 8th Street Park is located at 8th and Park Rd.  It has a playground for the kiddies AND a new Pavilion that is available thru the Borough Administration Office for rent.  It is also close to the Farmer’s Market that is open on 6th-7th Street on Park Rd on Thursdays during the summer months.


  • Walter Panek Park – formally known as Ambridge Borough Park is located on 24th Street with the entrance (approx. for the GPS) 798  Breitenstein Rd. – There is a playground for kids, a dog park for dogs, baseball fields for teams, football field for teams and Fireworks for the Independence Day celebrations- check the Borough calendar for dates.  Part of the park will undergo renovations in 2018. 


  • Soon, Ambridge will have another park located at 16th Street and Henning Streets. This property was donated to the Borough and the Borough will be putting in a new playground soon. 

Guide to Living, Worship 

Shopping in Ambridge 

We strive to make living in and around Ambridge easy.  
We have added a section of all the businesses located in Ambridge as well as all the places to worship.

Who do I call??

Here is a little  map of WHO TO CALLfor what reason…. If you have any questions – you can always call the administration office at the Borough 724-266-4070.  We are in the office Monday thru Friday 8:00am until 4:00pm. (click on the picture for a better look)


Information Trash Collection – Days & Telephone Info. (click here for more info & links) 

** Below please see the current information on Trash & Recycling.  New Info for January 4th – see the (click here) “Announcement” Page on our website.

MONDAY is now Trash Pick Up Day for everyone in the Borough of Ambridge. 

Here is a Waste Management Calendar for your convenience. 

Let’s start by explaining what our Refuse Company does and does not take on trash day.

1. They will NOT take building or remodeling materials.  Example: scrap lumber, toilets, paneling, and drywall.  You can, however, call their toll free number 1-866-4460 and arrange for an extra pick up of these items but it may cost you an extra fee.  

2.  They will NOT take yard waste.  Example: grass, leaves, branches.  These items can be called into the Borough Administration office for pick up.  However, any branches must be cut up so that they are shorter than 4 foot long and no bigger than 4 inches around.  We would prefer the yard waste to be in paper bags rather than garbage bags.  If you must put them in garbage bags, please leave them on a separate day from trash pickup and somewhat open for visibility. 

3. They will NOT take paint cans unless they are empty and dry. They will not take motor oil cans or antifreeze. These must be recycled thru the Beaver County Waste Management Recycling program at Brady Run Park.

4.  They will NOT take television, computer monitors or electronics. These can be taken to Beaver County Recycling (near Brady’s Run Park 724-770-2064). The Borough strongly suggests that you call them first to verify the drop off time, programs and/or costs if any.  Here is a link to their website with instructions. 

See the link for Beaver County Waste Management for more ways to recycle. 

Beaver County Waste Management & Recycling Link




Service is provided weekly and is collected Monday through Thursday in Ambridge depending on what street you live on.  Please view the link below to view a map to determine what your day for trash collection is.



  • Freon from refrigerators, dehumidifiers, freezers, etc., needs to be removed and proof of removal taped to the item.
  • Paint cans – must be dried out (kitty litter works well) – place next to garbage cans with lids off.  
  • Carpeting and tree branches must be less than 3 to 4 feet in length and bundled.
  • No tires, automobile parts or building materials accepted.
  • No leaves.  Borough Public Works will collect leaves in the fall, and Christmas Trees between Christmas and February 1st
  • Cans or bags should weigh up to 40 to 50 lbs.  If you can’t lift it, we can’t either.  


Please Call Waste Management at   1-800-8664460  or email at



Residential Recycle Preparation Guidelines

Recycling Bins:  Currently, our refuse Company (Jos. Brunner’s) has kindly purchased recycling containers for all the residents in Ambridge who currently pay a garbage fee.  You should have received your large green container in December.  If you did not receive your container you can call the Borough office 724-266-4070. We’ll check with the Water Authority and Brunner’s  to see if your household was delivered a container or if they missed you by mistake –we can obtain one for you.  We suggest you mark you container with your address with permanent marker or stick on numbers. 

  • Tin – Metal – Aluminum – rinsed out and emptied of contents.  No chemical or paint cans.  Clean pie plates, foil, etc.
  • Glass – rinsed out and empty of contents. Lids must be removed and discarded with the trash. Do not break.  Food or beverage containers only.  No window or plate glass, light bulbs, headlights, etc.  
  • Plastic- # 1 and # 2 (PET& HDPE) rinsed out and empty of contents.  Lids must be removed.
  • Newspaper Office Paper and Magazines – Loose or placed in paper bags only. 
  • Do not put in plastic bags of any kind.  Do not bundle with twine or tape.  



We support recycling, but we firmly believe in the reduction of creating garbage and other waste products.  When possible, please think about what you are buying.  Do you really need this item?  If possible, avoid purchasing bulky items or products that are in huge amounts of wrapping.  


  • Pass magazines, books and catalogs on to neighbors, family members, nursing homes, etc.
  • Plastic containers can often be reused for storage of food and crafts.  
  • Reuse wrapping paper, plastic bags, and boxes.
  • Try to repair broken items before replacing them.  
  • Furniture can often be donated to charity if it’s in decent shape.  
  • Clothing can be handed down to family members or donated to charity.  Even clothing that is in poor condition can be used for rags.  
  • Towels and bedding can often be reused by the Humane Society.  
  • The Construction Junction located in Pittsburgh accepts used building materials like wood, kitchen cabinets, doors, etc.  They also sell these items at a low cost. or taken to Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Beaver County Recycling Center at Brady’s Run takes many materials, and sponsors periodic hazardous waste collections. Fees may apply.
  • Brunner has a consumer drop-off point at their Duss Ave facility (across from Rhodes bus garage).
  • Waste Management has a consumer drop-off point at their 23rd and Duss facility.
  • Copy paper, junk mail and newsprint can be recycled in the Abitibi green and gold paper recycling bins at a number of locations around town, including here at the Ambridge Borough Building, 600 11th Street, behind the Fire Station. (proceeds benefit the Crime Watch Program)


Borough Flyer for Recycling

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