What is a Policeman


Police officers, or cops, are held to a very high standard of law. They work hard to keep communities safe and educated, but train too.  We know cops put their lives on the line, but most people don’t know what goes on in their day to day life. 

Depending on what shift the officer is on, they will most likely be waking up from a nice long sleep or a nap. After showering, they must make sure they are dressed clean and precise. The officers with families will kiss them goodbye and head to the station to begin their shift.

Before officers leave out on patrol, they must inspect their patrol car to make sure everything is right. The vehicle should be just as it was left with everything working. Officers will check to make sure all vital equipment is accounted for, including flares, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits. Once settled in the car, the officers will radio in “10-8” to let dispatch know that they are active and ready for duty.

One of the most common things for patrol officers to do is drive around their areas, making sure everything is going smoothly. They will watch for traffic violations, potential crimes, and issue parking citations. Since cops have to keep records, each traffic stop or parking ticket must be documented. E-citation software helps officers to write things more quickly, but if the department is still using paper, it may take longer.

While on patrol, dispatch is sending out calls for help to answer 9-1-1 calls. Sometimes this includes enforcing city code, like sound ordinances, but other times it is answering calls for armed robberies or car accidents. Cops must learn about the situation a little more as they drive either from dispatch. This information helps officers spend less time at the scene trying to figure out what’s going on, so they can jump right in and get to work.

In cases of emergency medical needs, cops can help with crowd control for the paramedics to do their job. As crowds gather, they must keep people back, talk to witnesses, and call for back up as needed. If the case involves a death, homicide investigators or detectives might be called in while the officer tries to gather other information, including the identity of the deceased.

It’s a tiring job and long hours, but it most police officers find it all fulfilling. Most officers have a strong desire to help the community and keep others safe. Leaving their shift long after it was actually done, they head home, grateful they stayed safe that day.

Police Officers’ Prayer

Help me, Lord, to be a good and capable Police Officer.
Give me the courage to face the unknown and to act on my convictions.
Give me the wisdom to remain above temptations and frustrations I will meet.
Give me the dedication to do the best job I can do.
And give me your protection, Lord, so that I can return home to my family from each day safely.
Michael R. Jansen – Author
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